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The central inverter KACO XP100U-H2 (208 V) & H4 (480 V) is the first completely digitally controlled inverter.
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The central inverter KACO XP100U-H2 (208 V) & H4 (480 V) is the first completely digitally controlled inverter. Digital signal processors control and monitor the inverter components and their functionality to provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency – even when connected to unstable grids. The unit will increase the kWh performance of your PV plant through the use of an industry leading pulse width modulation algorithm. This ensures ultimate production. The unit also comes with redundant fan / control power supplies to keep your unit working all the time. The user interactive TFT touch screen makes configuration of the XP-U easy and intuitive. Each unit is JAVA web enabled to give KACO service technicians 24 hour access to update the software at your PV plant or to remotely diagnose issues to ensure maximum kWh production. The KACO giant can also be globally configured to various grid requirements. KACO XP100U-H2 & H4 are capable of handling up to a maximum AC power rating of 100 kW. Suitable as a single unit for PV installations with PV array power of up to 105 kW. The KACO XP 100 kW - the most advanced central inverter in the USA. The KACO XP 100kW has integrated the most useful graphical user interface available on the market today. The user friendly TFT touch screen streamlines inverter commissioning, and provides access to inverter data with clear graphical images. The inverter has been sized to fit through most standard double door openings for convenient indoor installation. KACO’s advanced pulse width modulation algorithims are programmed into the inverter to ensure Maximum Yield Power Point Tracking that is precise and produces more kWh annually. The variable speed fan increases PV system performance and ensures less power wasting due to unneccessary cooling. The redundant power supplies to the fans and the control boards remove the possibility of single point failures ensuring steady energy yield and high reliability. Each XP 100 kW inverter has a built in web server which is easily accessible by service personnel or KACO service reps via the XP Java browser interface making remote software updates possible - standard on all units.
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